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关于旅游的英语手抄报资料篇五 旅游安排 Travel Arrangements

I am so excited now, because I will go travel with friends. We plan to go to visit Guangzhou, for it is very near our place. This is the first time for us to go travel together, we want to make sure everything goes on well and save more time to play, so we make some arrangements. The first thing is about searching the route. Going to the strange place, we will have no idea about the road, so we need to figure out the main roads, in case that we will be lost. Second, we also search the famous sites. Guangzhou is such a big place, we can’t go to every concern in the short time, but we can visit the hot sites and get to know something about this place. I believe that this trip will be fun, because we are so free and can enjoy the new scenery.


开心的日子Happy Days

When the summer holiday comes, I will be very happy, because my family and I will go to travel. I like travel so much, I can not only see the beautiful scenery, but also can spend the time with my parents. I feel so easy and don’t have to study, I just play and enjoy my moment. This is my most happy days.



旅友 A Travel Friend

Last year, I went to Guilin for travel. It was a nice trip. I not only saw the beautiful scenery, but also made a good friend. She was from England and she was also a middle school student. We met in the tourist site, and she asked me to help her translate what she said. Though my English was not that good, I still could understand what she said. Then we talked a lot on the road. We shared our opinions about the different culture, and she told me about her trip in China. I listened to her carefully and I was attracted by her experience. Now we still keep in each other by email.



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Attractions:景点;Tourist information center:游客中心;Admission fee:门票费;Guided tour:导览;Sightseeing:观光;Where's the restroom?洗手间在哪里?

How much does it cost?多少钱?Can you recommend a good restaurant nearby?你能推荐附近好的餐厅吗?


Paris, France: 巴黎,法国;Tokyo, Japan: 东京,日本;New York City, USA: 纽约市,美国;Sydney, Australia: 悉尼,澳大利亚;


Passport:护照;Visa:签证;Apply for a visa:申请签证;Validity period:有效期;Immigration officer:移民官员;


Local cuisine:当地美食;Hotel:酒店;Hostel:青年旅社;Homestay:民宿;Shopping:购物;Souvenir:纪念品。


What's the weather like today?:今天天气怎么样?Is it safe to travel here?:这里旅游安全吗?How do I get to...?:我怎样才能到达...?Are there any travel restrictions?:有旅游限制吗?



A succession of beautiful scenery makes one feel delighted.

A long stay in the same surroundings to make everything the same.

Routine work often makes one feel bored But if you take a trip or a long journey on your holidays to some scenic spots or historic sites, that will make great difference.

Travel can widen one’s knowledge. The farther you go, the more you will learn about different politics, economics, customs as well as geography.

If you travel the whole world some day, you will fully understand the globe on which we live.

However, too much travel causes tiredness.

You get on a bus or a taxi, you travel on the train or in a plane, being patient with the hours needed on your mute from one place to another, that will make you exhausted after a while.








小学生用英语介绍中国旅游景点 小学生用英语介绍中国旅游景点手抄报



The scenery of Jiuzhaigou is not only a long fairy tale and picture scroll, but also a profound natural kingdom!

It is true that there is a treasure like Jiuzhaigou on earth, which is not only a miracle, but also the luck of mankind. No one who has been to Jiuzhaigou is not moved by the look and color there.


用英语介绍北京的景点 北京的景点用英语介绍


The the Imperial Palace of Beijing is the imperial palace of the two dynasties in Ming and Qing Dynasties, formerly known as the Forbidden City, located in the center of Beijings central axis. It is the cream of ancient Chinese palace architecture.


Beijing Palace Museum is centered on three main halls, covering an area of 720,000 square meters, with a construction area of about 150,000 square meters. It has more than 70 palaces and more than 9,000 houses. It is one of the largest and most complete ancient wooden structures in the world.


The Beijing Palace Museum was built in 1406 in Yongle, Chengzu, Ming Dynasty. It was built on the basis of the Nanjing Palace Museum and completed in 1420 in Yongle, Ming Dynasty.


It is a rectangular city pool, 961 meters long north and south, 753 meters wide East and west, surrounded by a wall 10 meters high, and 52 meters wide moat outside. The buildings in the Forbidden City are divided into two parts: the Outer Dynasty and the Inner Court.


The center of the foreign Dynasty is the Hall of Taihe, the Hall of Zhonghe and the Hall of Baohe, which are collectively called the three halls.


They are the places where the national ceremonies are held. The center of the Inner Court is the Qianqing Palace, Jiaotai Palace and Kunning Palace, which are collectively called the Hou Three Palaces and are the main palace where emperors and queens live.

求80字英语作文. 内容:寒假即将来临,介绍一个旅游景点,越简单越好.


Leshan Giant Buddha

Hello everyone,it is going to be the winter vacation.I would like to give you an introction to one place of interest,the Leshan Giant Buddha.

The Leshan Giant Buddha is the largest Buddha in China,towering to 71m,with his 14.7m head,and 24m shoulders.The Buddha's ears are 6.72m long,insteps 8.5m broad,and a picnic could be concted on the nail of his big toe,which is 1.5m long.

This carving project was begun in 713 and led by a Buddhist monk called Haitong,who hoped that the Buddha's presence would sube the swift currents and protect the boatmen.

I hope you can enjoy the place.








Dear friends, do you want to know about Xi'an?_o you want to visit Xi'an with your parents on May Day and national day?_ell you, to Xi'an tourism, is your best choice!_o, listen to me first.


Xi'an, the capital city of Shaanxi Province, was historically called Chang'an._t is one of the four ancient civilizations in the world, and has a history of more than 3100 years since its construction.


It used to be the capital of 12 dynasties in ancient China;_he famous Silk Road began here;_he famous Tang Monk's pilgrimage to the West also started from here;_t is currently the largest city in Northwest China.


The biggest feature of Xi'an is that there are many historical relics and places of interest._s soon as you enter Xi'an, you will see the largest and best preserved ancient city wall of Ming Dynasty in the world._he city wall has a history of more than 630 years.


It is 12 meters high and 3-6 meters thick than the height, which looks very magnificent._he city wall divides the ancient city into two parts: the city and the outside._he most famous tourist attractions in the city are bell tower, Drum Tower and stele forest museum;_utside the city are the big wild goose pagoda, the small wild goose pagoda and the largest Shaanxi History Museum in China.


The bell tower is located in the center of Xi'an. It is our landmark building in Xi'an. When it comes to the bell tower, people will think of Xi'an;_hen it comes to Xi'an, people will also think of the bell tower.


Both the bell tower and the drum tower are named after the big bell and drum placed in ancient times. It is said that the big bell placed on the bell tower is more than 5 tons!



The Yellow Mountain (黄山)

The Yellow Mountain is one of the most famous mountians in China.It lies in the south of the Anhui. Every year thousands of Chinses and foreigners pay a visit there. It's not far from here. It takes you get there by bus. You can also go there by train or by plane. While you are climbing the mountain, you can enjoy the sea of the clouds, wonderous pines and unique rocks aroud you. In the early morning when the sun rises, the sky looks very beautiful. It's really a nice place to visit.

大意: 位于安徽省南部,是中国著名的旅游胜地.每年有大批的中国游客和外国游客前去观光旅游.可以乘汽车,也可以乘火车或飞机去.登山便可以领略云海,奇松,怪石等秀丽的风景及其清晨美丽的日出.